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Cultural Fit and Diversity with the CBA workshop

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Action for Development (AfD) is a young ONG active in Geneva in the health and social areas to  ‘Reduce child and maternal mortality in Afghanistan through community-based, innovative and cost-effective programs’. (


The challenge There is a high turnover of volunteers in the Afd team in Geneva, with only 2 permanent staff members. At any given time, about 10 highly motivated volunteers of various nationalities, gender and age, work part-time and in an asynchronous mode. Given the high turnover of the collaborators, AfD’s challenge is to streamline the operations and to keep the momentum going when new staff arrive.

The Outcome LUSVAL designed and delivered a workshop to assess how fit was the AfD team in Geneva to adopt a self-management governance model and to identify next steps.After sharing personal values, motivational drivers, strengths and areas of improvement, preferred working- and communication-modes, the participants self-evaluated their level of mastery and interest in using the 13 transversal competences of the  “Conscious Business Assessment” (CBA) test. The competences-team map was established on the spot and provided valuable material for a rich and honest team discussion which shed light on areas of improvement and set the bases for the undergoing project formalizing  the distribution of roles and tasks within AfD

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