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With LUSVAL and its network of experienced professionals you can rely on bespoke solutions and solid partnership to create the environment supporting an agile working mode.

Our vision:  To ignite purposeful and collaborative work-environments through the dynamic management of competencies in people and teams

Our mission: To help organizations thrive in a world of rapid changes by unleashing the full potential of their diverse talents

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Lucia Levato
Founder of LUSVAL
Adolfo Martini
Design Thinking , HR and marketing

Certified coach , Dr. ès sciences,  and founder of LUSVAL, Lucia activates the movement of teams towards co-creation and collective intelligence. By capitalizing on her experience in a multicultural environment in various sectors such as energy, entrepreneurship, higher education and research, she develops programs to facilitate organizational agility. Lucia is also active in the promotion of women in science within the French association Femmes & Sciences as well as in considering the impact of the energy and ecological transition on the career choices of geoscientists.

Roberto Bonino
Organizational Development Partner

Entrepreneur, researcher and trainer, Roberto Bonino, after 15 years at CERN, has created his first company in the field of Web technologies, his second in management training and the third in career transition support for executives. He is now dedicated to share his experience for the creation of purposeful organizations. 

Valérie Fert
Artificial Intelligence

Historian, Valérie is working on the future. Trained in the study of ancient Semitic languages, she translates the answers provided by the advanced Mileva artificial intelligence system. A longtime journalist, she designs new approaches to information. She is also President of GMAP, a private research organization dedicated to the analysis and foresight of the major transformations of the 21st century. She co-authored with Thierry Lorho and Professor Urs Luterbacher "Predicting Crises and Monitoring Their Evolution" in "International Journal of Economics and Peace Studies" (Cambridge Scholars Publishing) .

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