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Coaching for scientists and engineers

We combine our experience in the technical and scientific domains and  in coaching to support your professional development with TRIMA's competency based approach and its dictionary of 120 soft-skills.

To improve knowledge of  your spontaneous self, to promote yourself and to gain recognition:

European Federation of Geologists news article featuring LUSVAL's "Coaching for Geoscientists"

Coaching and geoscience

Based on our understanding of jobs in geoscience, we provide to professionals active in the field of geoscience a special coaching experience. Whether you need to develop new soft-skills, engage in a new career or become an entrepreneur, make sure your motivational drivers will fit the strategic decisions you make. Our expertise in geoscience guarantees an understanding of your job and environment.​    

Follow the LinkedIn page of the NEW COACHING PROGRAM 
Navigate career challenges and opportunities of the energy transition. The coaching program, developed in collaboration with Bloem coaching and training and GM Consulting,  assists geoscientists and engineers in navigating the challenges and opportunities of the current transitions, such as the difficulty of swiftly picking up new technical abilities or changing  perspective to handle new procedures. The detailed content of the program is available on request.

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