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Coaching & Mentoring

Trigger your motivational drivers and achieve the objectives that you will have set. Define your mission and intention to act in alignment with your dispositions and capacities.

Co-responsible Leadership

Develop a culture of inclusivity and shared values, leverage collective intelligence and foster agility in your organization.

Thrive in a complex world

An AI based decision support tool to understand how your organization can position itself in the complex and changing environment.

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & mentoring

Discover and optimize your competencies and  talents to achieve personal and organizational goals.


Individual or team coaching programs can assist you in many aspects of your journey. 

Career coaching and competency map

​Coaching sessions with Lucia Levato, certified coach: "Spontaneous, empathic and dynamic, I create a trusting relationship and stand by the client while moving towards the desired objectives. If you are facing an emotional and stressful situation such as increased responsibilities, managing a new team,  decision making in uncertain contexts, and career transition, our coaching sessions will help you find your own answers and define the actions you want to take. You will increase awareness of your motivational drivers and of possible drawbacks. My specificity as a coach emerges from both my scientific education and experience and from my attention to the human aspect throughout my career.  My vocation is to help scientific professionals take a step back  to move forward and thrive in business as well as in scientific,  in alignement with their values and desires. Clients’ testimonials attest to my active listening and empathy, and the climate of confidence that envelops our sessions. I comply with ICF Standards of Ethical Conduct.”

Blog about coaching


"Lucia was great at helping me to think about the difference between heart and head and how each affected my perspective. Lucia also shared some models for thinking about and actioning change that were very pertinent to my current situation. But most of all, I loved the very warm style that Lucia extended to me."

"Les pistes et actions acquises en cours de coaching m’ont permis de progresser sur mes sujets professionnels. Un grand merci Lucia pour ton accompagnement sur mes problématiques professionnelles. J’ai aimé ton approche tout en sensibilité et en bienveillance."

"Lucia mi ha supportato con efficacia nel raggiungimento dei miei obiettivi in un momento complesso della mia vita professionale. Partnership, ascolto attivo, eleganza, domande di qualità per favorire la scoperta di nuove consapevolezze e nuovi apprendimenti."

Compentencies map

Establish your portfolio of transversal skills among the 120 listed in the TRIMA dictionary and explore how they fit with the position you held and with your aspirations. Identify your motivational drivers at work, detect your degree of interest and presumed mastery in the exercise of each skill. Assess and reinforce your leadership.

Copy of Lucia - Edited (1)_edited_edited

Ph.D and certified professional coach RNCP (French National Register of Certified Professions) and ICF Associate Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation)


Co-responsible Leadership

 Co-coaching in cross-functional teams

Improve your organizational performance by developing the collective intelligence of  cross-functional teams to address strategic issues. The co-coaching approach aims at creating a community heading towards a common goal, building a solid base for the development of successful solutions.  

Team building workshops

Build a successful team leveraging strengths and addressing potential drawbacks,  developing the cohesion using a common language and taking into account essential elements such as: how to effectively communicate with each team member, motivational drivers,  values, credibility, complementarity and mutual aid.

Tools:   Insights Discovery      TRIMA

TRIMA Un monde de competences.png
Talents in the corporate culture

A world of competencies to bridge your talent gap:

  • Evaluate the soft-skills necessary to reach a high performance in your environment today and tomorrow and leverage the mastery and motivation of your team's members to fill the gap.  

  • ​Attract talents by valuing and activating competencies, aligning leadership to strategy, whilst integrating the young generation with respect for individuals.

We collaborate with you to identify 10-15 soft-skills, among a pool of 120, which uniquely define your corporate culture and strategy. This “competency profile” is then used to estimate the level of motivation of your organization’s team members to use the soft-skills necessary to reach a high performance in your environment. To fill the gap, we define with you the relevant training and/or coaching program.

Tools:    TRIMA       Co-coaching Coaching  

​What is the level of motivation and interest of your organization’s team members to use the soft-skills necessary to reach a high performance in your environment? What is the potential of developing the soft-skills necessary to the organization?

Histogram of Competencies.png

The histogram shows for each of the selected soft-skills among a pool of 120, how many individuals have strong- (green), ambiguous-(yellow) and low- (red) mastery and pleasure. It facilitates filling the talent gap by identifying the individuals with high interest and potential in acquiring the missing skills. 

Effective meetings

Transform long and painful meetings in an inclusive space where participants truly listen to each other, different perspectives emerge and  pragmatic decisions are taken in a collective intelligence mode.

We co-create with your staff inclusive meeting-management practices resulting in improved agility and employees engagement. Our approach is based on Sociocracy For All tools and practices.

Conscious Business Assessment - CBA

Raise your awareness on the level of mastery and interest of a team in using the soft-skills needed in the framework of a self-managed organisation aiming at a co-responsible leadership, with our Conscious Business Assessment questionnaire.

Download the flyer

Thirteen TRIMA soft-skills have been selected based on the results of our survey among coaches and professionals working in self-managed organisations.


Mileva AI


In partnership with the developers of the Mileva Artificial Intelligence System ( we bring the power of Artificial Intelligence at the service of Collective Intelligence. Mileva is a decision support tool that can provide complex analytics on areas of social, economic or political interest, provide dashboards for smart watch, or distribute newsfeed.

Watch the video "Energy Transition, Strategies and Competencies : outcomes from an AI decision support system" .


With its smart newsfeed, Mileva provides a new path to information. Mileva learns automatically what interests the recipients and develops a personalized newsfeed containing the most up-to-the-minute, web-based, and least redundant articles needed. The newsletter evolves according to the needs of the users. 

Furthermore, Mileva maps : the core concepts and trends, as well as their evolution over time.


Mileva monitors your key-issues and analyses them through a series of predefined indicators. Mileva’s indicators enable you to follow closely the development of a situation and to anticipate its evolution. We can also design custom indicators as necessary. Even if the indicators are very intuitive and easy to use, we offer you a session of exploration during which you will acquaint yourself with Mileva and ask all the questions you might have. 



 An issue, some questions, a special context ? Whatever your field is, Mileva brings useful lights and helps you in decision-making by determining crucial factors,simulating scenarios and by including an estimation of the quality of the information



Create, visualise, and dynamically interact with your organisational structure

Design Thinking.png
Design thinking

Reconnect with your customers

B teh change.png
Business for good

Social & Environmental Impact assessment


Peerdom Map allows you to create, visualise, and dynamically interact with the  organisational structure of your self-managed company  or NGO.

Visualising your organisation not only allows everyone to better understand their role(s), it also enables you to clarify where, how, and by whom decisions should be taken. In our experience, this leads to peers taking full ownership of their work so that your organisation grows and evolves organically.

With Peedom you can:

  • Let everyone see and situate themselves in the bigger picture

  • Easily orient and onboard newcomers into your organisation

  • Share your organisational structure with the outside world

  • Create shared understanding of who does what, why, and when

  • Gain clarity by making explicit who can and should make which decisions

  • Reflect changes immediately: update your map with just three clicks

New features can be developed to fit specific needs,
Design Thinking
A customer-centric approach to innovation

Design Thinking  was developed at Stanford, CA. It helps people, teams and organizations to connect with their customers and explore alternative paths for product, service or business model innovation. This customer-centric approach to innovation helpsto spread a culture of "test & learn" and  facilitates cooperation within the company.


We deliver customized learning solutions. Starting with a deep understanding of your current challenge, we design and facilitate workshops for teams, multi-functional groups and managing committees.

We can deliver in English, French and Italian.

All projects are strictly confidential, and we provide a full follow up report with all actionable outcomes.

Adolfo Martini

President of @gility Adolfo is an engaging and strategic consultant with a solid background in business and human resources. A graduate in contemporary history (economics, social and communication) from the University of Turin, Italy, Adolfo then studied business and management at Insead Fontainebleau, France. After more than 27 years of marketing and human resources at L'Oréal, Adolfo has extensive experience working in a very dynamic environment as a leader and strategic partner in human resources.


Our Design Thinking  workshops and projects are delivered by Adolfo Martini, founder of @gility.

Business for good

 To  consolidate your social and environmental commitments and achievements, we can help you in the process of obtaining Bcorp certification. Certified B Corporations are organizations  that balances purpose and profit. They commit to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. This is a community of leaders, driving a global movement of people using business as a force for good. Even if you do not go for the full certification, diving into the B Impact Assessment will be an enlightening experience that will help you define your purpose and learn what it takes to build a better business - better for your workers, community, and the environment.


You can take the BIA assesment for free here : 

or contact us to have a free introduction to the tool and discuss the benefits of certification

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