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Complying with ICF Standards of Ethical Conduct

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Some of the obstacles in decision making and taking action depend mostly on us. Coaching raises awareness of the obstacles which are in our power to overcome.

Establishing trust is a preliminary condition to allow clients to safely take a step back, take on challenges, and move forward towards their objectives. Thus their full potential can be unleashed.

Meeting professional standards as a coach is one of the first building blocks of a trustful relationship. Complying with the ICF code of ethics is a way for me to say:

- “I care for you. I commit to the confidentiality of everything we share.”

- “ I commit to excellence through continued personal, professional and ethical development.”

The mind-map below allows you to see at a glance the various aspects of the ICF code of ethics.

Do not hesitate to book a first free video-conference to discover more about professional coaching and why coaching is the art of helping someone find her/his own solutions. You will investigate if you wish to go further, co-creating and implementing your personalized plan.

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