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A shift from a self-interest approach (ego-systemic) to a holistic approach (eco-systemic)

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

What does it take to make such a shift happen? Exploring this question is the fundamental purpose of our approach. We publish the full results of the ZEST survey run between February 20th and April 30th

with the intention of collecting ideas, promote awareness, and stimulate discussion about the new skill set needed in the Oil and Gas sector for the energy transition. We did not try to constitute a representative sample.

At the question "what the world needs most at this moment?” 56% of the 68 respondents selected "A shift from a self-interest approach (ego-systemic) to a holistic approach (eco-systemic)" with no difference between respondents from the Oil & Gas sector and respondents working in various other sectors. In contrast, while O&G respondents favour continuity of fossil fuel usage, the other respondents recommend a drastic reduction in fossil fuel.

Innovation, flexibility, leadership, creativity, open-minded, agility, change, resilience are among the top answers to the question “Please identify one or more soft- or hard- skills you believe are essential for employees in the Oil & Gas industry in the context of the energy transition”.

Read the full report here.

The word cloud of the competencies identified by the respondents to the ZEST survey

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