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The importance of defining the objective of a coaching relationship.

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Getting the client to imagine what would be the desired situation at the end of the coaching helps the client to better identify the problem. Sometimes the client has difficulty imagining the desired future and gives the impression that the objective of the coaching relationship is complaining about an undesirable situation rather than committing to changing it. In this context, building a climate based on trust and intimacy will be essential to move forward together. The first step is to articulate the foundations of this relationship with a formal “pact”.

The word “pact” evokes a voluntary agreement between two or more parties. For contractualist philosophers of the 17th and 18th centuries, the pact between individuals is the basis of human society. Shared purpose and values ​allow individuals to relate to the community.

A coaching contract stating the objective expressed by the client and the requirements of each party is a necessary foundation for the creation of a protected space. In this space, the coach and the client can confidently express themselves to achieve the goal set by the client. The coach asks questions that help the client let emerge the information useful in the context of the stated objective, ultimately leading the client to find the solutions.

Can the client’s objective change along the way?

The initial client’s objective may change over time. The coach remains attentive and regularly explicitly checks with the client if and how the request has evolved.

The pact
Establishing a pact with the client is an important preliminary step in a coaching relationship.

According to the ICF Code of Ethics: the “Client” is the individual or team/group being coached. If a different entity pays for and/or arranges or defines the coaching services to be provided, it is called the “Sponsor”.

Do not hesitate to book a first free video-conference to discover more about professional coaching. I will be happy to present the details that form the basis of the coaching contracts on which my clients and I establish our unique pact.

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