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AI investigates the impact of the Energy Transition on work skills: the geosciences' case

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

The Energy transition will impact our lives in so many ways. Most of the time, the focus is on GDP's economic aspects, production and demand issues. Including people, their emotions, the skills they have, and those they will have to develop is at the heart of our approach to make the link between the complexity of the external world and the organizational capacity to respond to the challenges posed.

In this 30 minutes video, we present an innovative approach, based on an Artificial Intelligence called MILEVA, to explore the impact of the Energy Transition on work skills, applied to the specific example of geosciences.

While here we are addressing a specific topic, MILEVA can contribute to many subjects and contexts. Typically, it can be used in strategic analysis, in the boardroom or in consulting firms to support scenario building. It does not aim at replacing subject-matter experts and decision-makers but can support and complement their way of thinking.

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