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Discover your competitive edge with Mileva

Mileva Artificial Intelligence can be used as a decision support system. It  provides complex analytics on areas of social, business, and political interest, and it compiles dashboards for smart watch and  newsfeeds.

​The Challenge A young and dynamic SME based in Geneva and active in the field of Busines Intelligence is looking for a marketing differentiator  to stand out from the competition. The team is not convinced by the solutions they have been exploring so far, which focus on the technological aspect neglecting the human side. They seek an innovative solution which can detect unexpected perspectives and which they can confidently trust as an in-house expert to orient their strategic decision making.​

The Outcome LUSVAL’s partner,  GMAP - Global Mutations Analysis and Perspectives, organizes a first workshop where the team gets familiar on how to work with an AI and gains awareness of the pitfalls to avoid. They learn how to master the AI in their context and how to make it an ally to their growth. The fundamentals of a collaboration with a special kind of an expert are set. Such an expert obliges to think differently, adopting a non-cartesian point of view, accepting complexity and bringing out  retrocausality to build an effective perspective. A second workshop is organized where the team experiments hands-on the AI. A true collaboration between the human mind and an intelligent machine is reached: AI is developed for people and not the other way around. We enter the thinking machine era

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