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Skill gaps with Skillspotting

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

"SkillSpot Analytics" a Skillspotting Solution to snapshot critical skill-gaps

The challenge

The Company, active in Oil & Gas distribution worldwide, has grown up to several thousands people over a span of 5 years. In the current context of the energy sector, the retail business is rapidly changing and managers need to discover new trends, gather and analyse information and drive business decisions. In addition to the traditional operation management skills, a new set of hard and soft skills are needed to sustain and further develop the business. To ensure that critical roles are assigned to the right persons with the right skillset and to funnel people development investments in close line with these transformation needs, SkillSpotting was asked to perform a skills gap survey.

The outcome

The whole project took less than three months. After identifying a specific critical role and its corresponding skillset, a survey was administered to over hundred employees across 26 countries. Managers were trained to validate the self-assessed skill level of their reports to ensure data quality and consistency. The high participation rate to the survey (over 98%), the advanced support provided to all stakeholders, and the data processing performed by the SkillSpotting data scientists, produced an unprecedented accurate and reliable view of hard and soft skills with the aim of implementing pragmatic, individual and group training programs

Image by Greg Plominski from Pixabay

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