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Founded in 1863, the International Cmmittee of the Red Cross (ICRC) comes to the aid of individuals affected by armed conflicts and upholds international humanitarian law.

The Challenge Three positions as Head of Corporate Financial Controlling and Head of Field Financial and Administrative Controlling had to be filled at the same time and in the same division. How to look for and select in a short time the most appropriate candidates, internally and externally, in terms of both hard- and soft-skills for this international organization based in Geneva and employing 16 000 people in more than 80 countries?​

The Outcome Twenty technical skills in management, finance and business, outfitted with a panel of fifteen soft-skills were selected in partnership with the ICRC. After this preliminary work, the Skillspot algorithm extracted almost instantaneously after the query, about a dozen profiles out of the nearly hundred candidates then registered into the system. The extracted candidates were characterized by an acceptable level of differential between the required and the self-assessed technical skills. The analysis of the residual differential provided a valuable ground for a meaningful exchange during the recruitment interviews. Eventually, four out of the dozen candidates were retained!A high-performance matching was achieved thanks to the unequivocal skills terminology provided by the Skillspot platform and shared by the ICRC and the internal and external candidates. This resulted in a fast speeding recruitment process, where in addition to a quick extraction of the suitable candidates, the recruitment interviews quickly reached meaningful stages

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